Suggestions for further reading

25 Oct

If you’re a language teacher and have any kind of interest in translation, I’d recommend two books. Guy Cook’s Translation in Language Teaching (OUP, 2010) is rightly recognised as the ‘dernier mot’ on the subject. He knows his stuff and he has a sparkly writing style. David Bellos’s Is that a Fish in your Ear? (Penguin, 2011) deals with more general issues related to translation, but makes for a fascinating read. I enjoyed it a lot, at any rate.

There isn’t much that is terribly useful for practical suggestions. One of the best books, by Françoise Grellet is out of print and only available in French, anyway. Another one that stands out is Maria Gonzalez Davies’ book.  Some are too literary for my taste; others very academic. Here’s a fuller list of what I referred to and what you may find useful:

Alexander, L (1987) The use of mother tongue in class (Practical English Teaching 7/3)

Atkinson, D. (1987) ‘The mother tongue in the classroom: a neglected resource?’ ELT Journal 41/4

Atkinson, D. (1993) Teaching Monolingual Classes Harlow: Longman

Baker, M. (2011) In Other Words: a coursebook on translation 2nd edition. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge

Bawcom, L. (2002) Over-using L1 in the classroom? (MET 11/1)

Bellos, D. (2011) Is that a Fish in your Ear? London: Penguin

Benson, M. J. (2000) ‘The secret life of grammar-translation’ in Trappes-Lomax, H. (ed.) Change and Continuity in Applied Linguistics. BAAL / Multilingual Matters:Clevedon,England

Butzkamm, W. & Caldwell, J.A.W. (2009) The Bilingual Reform: a paradigm shift in foreign language teaching. Tübingen:Narr Studienbücher

Cameron, L. (2001) Teaching Languages to Young Learners Cambridge: CUP

Carreres, A. (2006) Strange bedfellows: Translation and Language teaching 6th Symposium on Translation, Terminology and Interpretation in Cuba and Canada (December 2006)

Cook, G. (2010) Translation in Language Teaching Oxford: OUP

Cook, V. J. (ed.) (2002) Portraits of the L2 User Clevedon: Multilingual Matters

Deller, S. (2003) The language of the learner (English teaching Professional 26)

Deller, S. & Rinvolucri, M. (2002) Using the Mother Tongue: making the most of the learner’s language. Peaslake,Surrey: Delta Publishing

Duff, A (1990) Bringing translation back into the language class (Practical English Teaching 10/3)

Edge, J. 1986. ‘”Acquisition disappears in adultery”: interaction in the translation class.’ ELT Journal 40/2: 121-4

Eldridge, J (1996) Code-switching in a Turkish secondary school (ELTJournal 50/4)

Gabrielatos, C. (1998) ‘Translation impossibilities: Problems & Opportunities for TEFL’ TESOL Greece Newsletter 60 December 1998 pp. 21-24

Gonzalez Davies, M. (2004) Multiple Voices in the Translation Classroom. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins

Grellet, F. (1991) Apprendre à Traduire. Nancy: Presses Universitaires de Nancy

Hall, G. (2011) Exploring English Language Teaching Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge

Hall, G. & Cook, G.  (2012). ‘Own language use in language teaching and learning.’ Language Teaching, 45, pp 271 – 308

Harbord, J (1992) The use of the mother tongue in the classroom (ELTJournal 46/4)

Harmer, J. (2012) Essential Teacher Knowledge.  Harlow: Pearson

Heltai, P (1989) Teaching vocabulary by oral translation (ELTJournal 43/4)

House, J. (2009) Translation Oxford: OUP

Howatt, A.P.R. with Widdowson, H. (2004) A History of English Language Teaching 2nd Edition.Oxford: OUP

Jabr Dajani, D. (2002) Using mother tongue to become a better learner. (MET 11/2)

Kim, E.Y. (2011) ‘Using translation exercises in the communicative writing classroom’ ELT Journal 65/2: 154-60

Levine, G.S. (2011) Code Choice in the Language Classroom.Bristol: Multilingual Matters

Levine, G.S. (2012) Principles for code choice in the foreign language classroom: A focus on grammaring. Language Teaching, Available on CJO doi:10.1017/S0261444811000498

Linder, D (2002) Translation (English Teaching Professional 23)

Littlewood, W. & Yu, B. (2011) ‘First language and target language in the foreign language classroom’  Language Teaching, 44, 1, pp.64-67

Malmkjaer, K. (ed.) (1998) Translation and Language Teaching Manchester: St Jerome

Medgyes, P. (1994) The Non-Native Teacher Macmillan

Mouhanna, M. (2009) ‘Re-Examining the Role of L1 in the EFL Classroom’ UGRU Journal Volume 8, Spring 2009

Murphy, B (1988) Teaching translation and teaching through translation (MET 15/4)

Naimushin, B (2002) Translation in foreign language teaching (MET 11/4)

Nation, P. (1997) L1 and L2 Use in the Classroom: A Systematic Approach TESL Reporter 30,2 pp.19-27

O’Keeffe, R. (2011) Towards a principled use of L1 Humanising Language Teaching October 2011 

Parks, G. (1992) The Role of Translation in the Communicative Approach (Paper presented at TESOL-Italy, Rome, November 27-28, 1992)

Phillipson, R. (1992) Linguistic Imperialism Oxford: OUP

Popovic, R.  (n.d.) The place of translation in language teaching

Prodromou, L. (2002) The role of the mother tongue in the classroom (IATEFL Issues 166)

Rinvolucri, M. (1990) Translation as part of learning a language (Practical English Teaching 10/4)

Rinvolucri, M. (2001) Mother tongue in the foreign language classroom. (MET 10/2)

Rivers, W. M. (1975) A Practical Guide to the Teaching of French New York: OUP

Sampson, A. (2012) ‘Learner code-switching versus English only’ ELT Journal 66/3 pp.292-303

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Vermes, A. (2010) ‘Translation in Foreign Language Teaching: A Brief Overview of Pros and Con’ Eger Journal of English Studies X (2010) 83–93

Widdowson, H. (2003) Defining Issues in English Language Teaching Oxford: OUP

Witte, A., Harden, T. & Ramos de Oliveira Harden, A. (eds.) (2009) Translation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Bern: Peter Lang


2 Responses to “Suggestions for further reading”

  1. philipjkerr January 8, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    There’s an interesting review of the Butzkamm & Caldwell book in ELTJ 66 / 1 (January 2012, pp.117-119) by Pawel Scheffler. The final words of the review are: ‘This book is an absolute must for anyone involved in FL instruction: one may not subscribe to every claim Butzkamm and Caldwell make, but knowing what these claims are is a necessary thing.’

  2. philipjkerr January 7, 2013 at 11:51 am #

    Bit by bit, this list has been growing since I began it. At the start I really had no idea how many people in the world of English language teaching had written about the use of the students’ own language in the process of learning another language. I also thought, at the start, that I might be saying something a little new in advocating occasional L1 use to facilitate the learning of the other language. As this list has grown, I have understood how unoriginal I was!

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